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The ValYOU Project

Young people are hungry and capable of engaging in meaningful explorations of themselves and the world around them; adolescent girls especially have a deep desire and capacity to know themselves and explore their own spirituality. "The ValYOU Project" is a program that provides a process for them to explore and develop their emotional, social, and spiritual selves.

The guided workshops offer teenage girls a unique opportunity to engage with their changing selves and their environment from a deeply soulful and creative place."

About Us

Anonymous Is A Woman Theatre Company
Anonymous Is A Woman Theatre Company

Leila Sykes (Left) and Bips Mawson (Right) both attended Drama School together and upon graduating started Anonymous Is A Woman Theatre Co to champion female driven theatre.

Bips has a Psychology Degree and is currently gaining her Masters in the Psychodynamics of Human Development and Psychodynamic Counselling & Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents specialising in the effects of Social Media . Leila has many years of working in theatre with young people facilitating workshops and a degree in English. 

Together they have consulted Urana Jackson's writing on nurturing confident and soulful adolescent's, developed activities and exercises using creative techniques they learnt at Drama School as well as reviewed countless research studies and media publications to create The ValYOU project. Helping young women today find value in YOU.

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