We need your help...


From the communities that welcome our rural tours and the emerging artists we support with 50/50 become a part of our journey to make an impact with art by joining the AIAWTC Sisterhood.


We are at a turning point in the life of the company and are looking to raise funds to allow us to expand to meet the opportunities our success so far has offered. By supporting the company at this crucial juncture you will make a real difference, not just through the success of the company but also through the many lives it touches.

AIAWTC is a Community Interest Company Limited by shares.

We have chosen this structure to reflect our dedication to the audiences and communities we serve.

If you would like to donate another amount or make a one-off donation please contact us at info@aiawtc.com.

With your help we can:


Invest in the development of more shows, from new writing to adaptations and our renowned touring interactive community shows.

Reach larger and more diverse audiences.

Complete development and launch our innovative ValYou project, providing affordable arts-based empowerment workshops for young women.

Continue to improve our wages for artists.

Develop our organisation to be financially robust and sustainable to ensure continued growth and protect artistic credibility.