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By Tom Crawshaw

Jane Austen, but not as you know it...

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that an audience worth its salt must be in want of a Jane Austen themed farce performed via video conferencing software.”

Well pop on your bonnets and whip out the barouche-box – that is exactly what's happening! Anonymous Is A Woman & Three’s Company present 'Nonsense & Sensibility'. There’ll be dances, bridge, unwanted proposals and digital backgrounds – with a little palaeontology thrown in for good measure, all on Zoom! Expect corset-breaking laughs both for fully-paid-up Janeites and those a little Lost In Austen. Like Bridgerton but with more dinosaurs. 


Stay Home.  Watch Farce.  Have Laughs.

Tom Crawshaw is the winner of the Cameron Mackintosh New Writing Award. 

He has had his work staged in London’s West End, and heard on BBC Radio 4.

The proceeds from these online performances will help us survive through the ongoing restrictions and support the wonderful projects we have planned for when theatre can return. Thank you for your support!