By Anonymous is a Woman


Bad date? Me too.

Meet Lou in the Vaults bar, they’ve got some thoughts about this date they went on.Join Jaz in the smoking area for a catch-up and let them explain.How about seeing it with your own eyes?

This voyeuristic theatrical experience explores the rituals and minefields of dating in a post #metoo era.  Who do we have faith in when one party believes it’s sexual misconduct, and the other, simply a bad date?

Created by:                             Leila Sykes

                                                 Stella Taylor

Writers:                                    Madeline Gould

                                                 Joel Samuels

Cast:                                        Tom Campion

                                                 Niamh McGowan

                                                 Imran Momen

                                                 Edie Newman       

                                                 Declan Perring

                                                 Joel Samuels

                                                 Stella Taylor                                

Director:                                  Roann McCloskey

Set Designer:                          Elouise Farley