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By Anonymous is a Woman


Bad date? Me too.

Meet Lou in the Vaults bar, they’ve got some thoughts about this date they went on.Join Jaz in the smoking area for a catch-up and let them explain.How about seeing it with your own eyes?

This voyeuristic theatrical experience explores the rituals and minefields of dating in a post #metoo era.  Who do we have faith in when one party believes it’s sexual misconduct, and the other, simply a bad date?


                          "This is the very definition of ground-breaking, experiential theatre and it will stay with me for a while. Greyscale is a real asset to the VAULT Festival, and I would urge anyone to go and experience it." - A Younger Theatre

                          "Creating a sense of genuine unease and authentically executed with believable acting, Greyscale makes us question past encounters and our own moral judgement." - The Upcoming

                          "An intriguing & voyeuristic theatrical experience that will make you think twice before you take one side of a tricky story as gospel – an intelligent & provocative response to the Aziz Ansari scandal." - Mind the Blog

                          "Urgent, swift, and exceptionally clever, the piece hands over all the elements to stir a personal reflection on behaviour and awareness." - Broadway World

                          "This show is totally groundbreaking. It is immediate, and boasts its own brand of experiential theatre." - Within Her Words

                   "Designer Elouise Farley has done an impressive job, creating 'peep holes' for the audience to spy on the action. The juxtaposition of these holes is an ingenious idea, as society rarely sees what goes on behind closed doors. For a thirty-minute piece, with enough action in such a short space of time, the performance feels all too real." - Voice Mag

                    "This is a very powerful study about emotional need, sexual manipulation and what makes a human heart tick. Thoroughly enthralling with a slight sense of the naughty about it that made it even more fabulous to be part of." - Boyz

                     "If #MeToo has brought awareness through the scandals of the rich and famous, this succinct piece brings the matter home to our own lives. The compelling acting and fusion of dramatic ideas enrich both the moral dilemma and the theatrical experience." - The Spy in the Stalls

"An intimate and thoughtful consideration of relationships, power, sex and consent, Greyscale is a small but perfectly formed gem." - The Plays the Thing

Created by:                             Leila Sykes

                                                 Stella Taylor

Writers:                                    Madeline Gould

                                                 Joel Samuels

Cast:                                        Tom Campion

                                                 Niamh McGowan

                                                 Imran Momen

                                                 Edie Newman       

                                                 Declan Perring

                                                 Joel Samuels

                                                 Stella Taylor                                

Director:                                  Roann McCloskey

Set Designer:                          Elouise Farley

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