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By Bips Mawson



Five Women. One War. One Purpose.

F.A.N.Y is a startling new play about courage, bravery & exception.

This evocative production immerses you in the front-line reality of the Great War from a rarely seen perspective... a woman's.

Anonymous is a Woman' present 'First Aid Nursing Yeomanry': The story of the incredible women who drove ambulances from the front line of the bloody battlefield to the nearby Hospitals in WW1. So little has ever been said about these war women; now as part of the Imperial War Museums Centenary Partnership their story will finally be heard.

"This rough and ready show [...] has an exuberant charm." - The Guardian

"Moving examination of the privileged but oppressed women of the First World War from a promising young company" - The Stage

"FANY provides a fascinating picture of an aspect of the First World War little known about, excitingly presented with humanity and humour. It is not only an insight into history but also a very rewarding piece of theatre." - British Theatre Guide

                   "The production is wonderfully judged, simple props (brass cages, trunks and a couple of stretchers) add to the stark reality of a brutal conflict." - Everything Theatre 

Cast:                                        Madeline Gould          

                                                 Bips Mawson

                                                 Henri Merriam

                                                 Leila Sykes

                                                 Stella Taylor

Director:                                  Bryony. J Thompson

Sound designer:                     Dom Kennedy

Set Designer:                          Isa Shaw-Abulafia

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